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Alguns erros comuns na utilização da Língua Portuguesa


Uma lista muito interessante no Ciberdúvidas da Língua Portuguesa.


ACM SIGCSE Volume 38 , Issue 4 (December 2006)


Volume 38 , Issue 4 (December 2006)

Alguns dos artigos que lá se encontram:

Thoughts on student feedback to help teaching
Henry M. Walker

Preparing to teach discrete math for the first time
Peter B. Henderson, Rachelle DeCoste, Kevin L. Huggins

Concept inventories in computer science for the topic discrete mathematics
Vicki L. Almstrum, Peter B. Henderson, Valerie Harvey, Cinda Heeren, William Marion, Charles Riedesel, Leen-Kiat Soh, Allison Elliott Tew

A computing perspective on the Bologna process
Ursula Fuller, Arnold Pears, June Amillo, Chris Avram, Linda Mannila

Research perspectives on the objects-early debate
Raymond Lister, Anders Berglund, Tony Clear, Joe Bergin, Kathy Garvin-Doxas, Brian Hanks, Lew Hitchner, Andrew Luxton-Reilly, Kate Sanders, Carsten Schulte, Jacqueline L. Whalley

Hubble makes 3D dark matter map


“Astronomers have mapped the cosmic “scaffold” of dark matter upon which stars and galaxies are assembled.” in BBC News.

Security bug found in PDF reader


Web users are being urged to upgrade their Adobe reader software as a security flaw is found in older versions of the program.” in BBC News.