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Study Finds That Online Education Beats the Classroom


“A recent 93-page report on online education, conducted by SRI International for the Department of Education, has a starchy academic title, but a most intriguing conclusion: “On average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.”
Noah Berger for The New York Times Tyler Kennedy, 9, searches the Web at home in California.

The report examined the comparative research on online versus traditional classroom teaching from 1996 to 2008. Some of it was in K-12 settings, but most of the comparative studies were done in colleges and adult continuing-education programs of various kinds, from medical training to the military.”
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Girls encouraged to enter technology field


“Surrounded by computers, gadgets and video game consoles, dozens of girls gathered in groups to demonstrate their grasp of today’s technology. There was excitement and a buzz of productivity at Microsoft’s DigiGirlz High Tech Camp as the high schoolers collaborated with one another and proudly displayed the video games they designed. ”
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To Teach Computing, a New Tool Calls on The Sims


Nova versão de Alice:
“Randy Pausch loved creating virtual worlds on computers. And Mr. Pausch, the late computer-science professor at Carnegie Mellon University, wanted all of his students to learn how they could share in his fun. But typing code wasn’t exactly most students’ definition of “fun”.”
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Computer Science Courses on the Decline


“Computer science is on the decline in American high schools. According to new research from the Computer Science Teachers Association, not only have the number of students enrolled in computer science has dropped significantly in the last four years and so have the number of AP computer science courses offered at high schools.”
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A mind-controlled wheelchair is moving closer to reality


“This is the future of human-robot interaction,” said Minguez, associate professor of computer science and systems engineering, who helms the team that is making a mind-controlled wheelchair a reality. “It’s pretty visionary stuff.”
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Bjarne Stroustrup Expounds on Concepts and the Future of C++


“A year ago, everyone was all but certain that the C++0x standard was just around the corner, and that it would include concepts (see Danny Kalev’s earlier interview with Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, from August 2008). However, In July 2009 the C++ standards committee decided to remove concepts from the C++0x by an unprecedented move. Danny’s recent controversial editorial was among the first to report that decision and its possible consequences. Despite vociferous disagreements over the removal of concepts themselves, nearly everyone agrees that the committee’s decision left open many questions not only about concepts, but also about the committee’s charter, and even the future of C++ itself.

Therefore, Danny has interviewed Bjarne Stroustrup again, this time to capture his thoughts about concepts, their removal, and the impact of that decision, along with his take on other pressing questions that currently concern the entire C++ community.”
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In a Digital Future, Textbooks Are History


“At Empire High School in Vail, Ariz., students use computers provided by the school to get their lessons, do their homework and hear podcasts of their teachers’ science lectures.”
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People ‘get happier as they age’


“Most people get happier as they grow older, studies on people aged up to their mid-90s suggest.”
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Five Futuristic Interfaces on Display at SIGGRAPH


“The annual meeting of the ACM’s Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques, SIGGRAPH 2009, takes place in New Orleans this week. The event brings together some of the world’s best digital artists and computer researchers and is a showcase for some interesting new interfaces.

Here are five particularly cool ideas that will be on display at this year’s event.”
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Talks Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity