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Call to get tough on eating sites


“The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RC Psych) is calling for urgent action to protect vulnerable young people from eating-disorder websites.”
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Ansel Adams Talks


“The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) just wrapped up an exhibition exploring the relationship between Georgia O’Keeffe and Ansel Adams, two important American artists of the past century. Even though the exhibition is now closed, the SFMOMA web site still hosts a series of videos featuring Ansel Adams discussing his work. Here, Adams talks about photographing Yosemite National Park and shooting his famous Moonrise image, while also describing his relationship to environmentalism and his working methods. These media clips were all developed as part of another exhibition called Ansel Adams at 100.”

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The Ten Worst Teaching Mistakes


“Like most faculty members, we began our academic careers with zero prior instruction on college teaching and quickly made almost every possible blunder. We’ve also been peer reviewers and mentors to colleagues, and that experience on top of our own early stumbling has given us a good sense of the most common mistakes college teachers make. In this column and one to follow we present our top ten list, in roughly increasing order of badness. Doing some of the things on the list may occasionally be justified, so we’re not telling you to avoid all of them at all costs. We are suggesting that you avoid making a habit of any of them.”
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