If You Want a Job Tomorrow, Cultivate Your Career Today


Our industry is evolving at an extraordinary pace. Staying current with newer technologies and development practices is difficult.

Most companies aren’t willing to invest in career development for their employees. Yes, it’s short sided, but easy to understand. They also make conservative technology and process choices. They avoid risking failure on ideas they think are unproven when what they know seems good enough.

So, how do you stay current? How do you avoid growing stale? How do you become expert in Ruby on Rails if you work in a Java shop, for example?

During his talk at the recent Software Craftsmanship North America conference, Uncle Bob said it’s your responsibility to grow your career, not your employers. You’ll have to find a way to stay current, balancing a 40-hour work week, family, and other obligations. Note that I said a “40-hour work week”. If your employer isn’t investing in your career, they certainly can’t expect more than 40 hours of your time each week (but it’s in your best interests to give them a productive 40 hours…).

Here are some ideas to help you stay current.”

Dean Wampler inIf You Want a Job Tomorrow, Cultivate Your Career Today


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