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Few students make time to study computer science


“Elizabeth Jackson is different from other 17-year-olds.

“Most kids are like, ‘Ooh, a computer! I can go on Facebook,’ ” the Ligonier Valley junior said. “They don’t think, ‘What a cool piece of technology!'”

Jackson, on the other hand, has long been interested in how technology works.

“I always liked pulling things apart, taking apart remote controls,” she said.”



IT graduates not ‘well-trained, ready-to-go’


“There is a disconnect between students getting high-tech degrees and what employers are looking for in those graduates.

Employers agree that colleges and universities need to provide their students with the essential skills required to run IT departments, yet only 8% of hiring managers would rate IT graduates hired as “well-trained, ready-to-go,” according to a survey of 376 organizations that are members of the IBM user group Share and Database Trends and Applications subscribers.”

in Networkworld

Interview – Davis Guggenheim – Director of “Waiting for ‘Superman.'”


Katie talks to Davis Guggenheim, director and producer of the provocative new documentary about education in America, “Waiting for ‘Superman.'”

Evolution Made Us All


Evolution Made Us All from Ben Hillman on Vimeo.

Europe’s Push to Teach in English Creates Barriers in the Classroom


“As universities on the continent try to make English academe’s lingua franca, students might be losing out”
in The Chronicle of Higher Education