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Wanted: Technical Women


“Evidence continues to mount that capable women in technical fields have less confidence than men that they will be successful. Researchers at Stanford University recently published new findings that women engineering students perform as well as men, but are more likely than men to switch to a different major. These women switch because they don’t believe that their skills are good enough and they don’t feel like they “fit” in engineering.

Unfortunately, many of these women are wrong. They could succeed in engineering or computing, and it is in our interest that they do.”

in US News


Tech Executives See Paths for Women, Especially Geeks


“All three say that despite the dearth of women in senior roles, the rise of social-media companies including Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. appear to be attracting more women to the field.”

in The Wall Street Journal

Interview – Davis Guggenheim – Director of “Waiting for ‘Superman.'”


Katie talks to Davis Guggenheim, director and producer of the provocative new documentary about education in America, “Waiting for ‘Superman.'”

Rob Pike: Geek of the Week


“Rob Pike’s contribution to Information Technology has been profound, both through the famous books he co-authored with Brian Kernighan, and his contribution to distributed systems, window systems and concurrency in Unix. Now at Google, his creative skills are in full flow, particularly, in collaboration with Ken Thompson, in the exciting Go language, a grown-up, but radical, C with concurrency. ”
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Oct. 14, 1985: C++ Adds to Programming


“So, for me, the main satisfaction comes from interesting and challenging applications that just might not have been done without C++, or possibly been delayed for many years for lack of a language suitable for demanding real-world applications.

The Mars rovers, the human genome project’s DNA string matching, Google, Amazon, airline reservation systems (Amadeus), code analysis (Coverity), animation (Maya), cars, airplanes, Photoshop, telecommunication systems. Videogames like Doom, Warcraft, Age of Empires, Halo. Wind turbines, oil exploration. Most of Microsoft’s software and much of Apple’s. Java virtual machines. Thunderbird and Firefox, MySQL, lots of financial software, OpenOffice, etc.”

Bjarne Stroustrup in wired.

Interview with Fred Brooks on the Publication of The Design of Design


“Eoin Woods talks with Fred Brooks, author of The Mythical Man-Month, on what motivated him to write his new book, examples of good and bad programming languages, how to recruit great designers, and the three most important pieces of advice for managing design projects.”
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The Science/Liberty Nexus


“You can’t get good democracy without science, and you can’t get good science without democracy. That’s why great political and scientific revolutions have historically gone hand-in-hand. It’s an intriguing argument that Timothy Ferris (UC Berkeley) makes in his new book, The Science of Liberty, and debates in an interview with Michael Krasny, aired last week on KQED in San Francisco. You can stream the interview below, or access it via mp3 or iTunes.”
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Carl Sagan’s Last Interview


“Not long before he died in 1996, Carl Sagan was interviewed by Charlie Rose and discussed the troubled state of scientific knowledge in America, and how it threatens our democracy. Before Richard Dawkins came along, Sagan was already out there, making the case for scientific thinking, arguing that it let us make progress and keeps our republic vital.”

in Carl Sagan’s Last Interview

Design Patterns 15 Years Later: An Interview with Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, and Ralph Johnson


An interview with Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, and Ralph Johnson.

in “Design Patterns 15 Years Later: An Interview with Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, and Ralph Johnson

An inteview with Brian Kernighan, co-developer of AWK and AMPL


“This time we spoke with Brian Kernighan — a figure who helped popularise C with his book, co-written with the creator Dennis Ritchie, The C Programming Language and contributed to the development of AWK and AMPL.”

inAn inteview with Brian Kernighan, co-developer of AWK and AMPL