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MIT Will Offer Certificates to Outside Students Who Take Its Online Courses


“Millions of learners have enjoyed the free lecture videos and other course materials published online through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s OpenCourseWare project. Now MIT plans to release a fresh batch of open online courses—and, for the first time, to offer certificates to outside students who complete them.”

in The Chronicle of Higher Education


MIT Introduces Complete Courses to OpenCourseWare Project


“This week, MIT’s OpenCourseWare project launched OCW Scholar, a new series of courses “designed for independent learners who have few additional resources available to them.” To date, MIT has given students access to isolated materials from MIT courses. Now, with this new initiative, lifelong learners can work with a more rounded set of resources. OWC Scholar takes video lectures, homework problems, problem solving videos, simulations, readings, etc., and stitches them into a structured curriculum. Perfect for the self-disciplined student.”
in Open Culture

Matemática – Módulos de Apoio à formação


“Apresenta-se um conjunto de módulos básicos em Matemática com o objectivo de permitir aos alunos do primeiro ano do Instituto Superior Técnico, aferir os seus conhecimentos em alguns dos temas leccionados no ensino secundário e considerados essenciais para prosseguir a aprendizagem a nível universitário nas disciplinas de Matemática.”

inMódulos de Apoio à formação