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E-mails? Utilize a Google e pronto


Pelo menos uma universidade americana já concluiu que é preferível ser a Google a tratar dos e-mails: Consumer technologies are invading corporate computing.


DieHard contra crashes


Uma defesa para o crash. Veja o press release e o site.

“DieHard eliminates — or greatly reduces the likelihood of — a class of bugs and security vulnerabilities called memory errors. DieHard prevents certain kinds of errors from happening at all. It also reduces the probability that a bug will have any effect at all. DieHard works by randomly locating program objects far apart from each other in memory. This scattering of memory objects all over memory not only makes some errors unlikely to happen, it also makes it virtually impossible for a hacker to know where vulnerable parts of the program’s data are. This thwarts a wide class of exploits.” in

Yale Patt homepage and invited speech


Dois dos textos na homepage de Yale Patt:

Um invited speech:
The future of “Computer*”
(Are we in serious trouble?)

The Invisible Programmers


The visibility of personal computers and the Internet hides the fact that most software development is done for embedded systems in industry and commerce and not for standalone packages. Programmers and engineers in these environments are required to have a different set of skills and a different approach to software than are currently taught in most computer science curricula. The talk is a plea for diversity in CS education, as opposed to the uniformity that has taken hold during the past few years. I will demonstrate two approaches for achieving reliable software and show that they are accessible to students even at a relatively introductory level.

Text of the speech, Slides, Frog puzzle

Vale a pena ler os outros Keynote Speeches do professor Ben-Ari.

Hands-on, simulated, and remote laboratories: A comparative literature review


Students may choose to stay closer to home


The Higher Education Policy Institute describes a “hierarchy of esteem” in which students apply to the most prestigious places their results allow.

But it says this could collapse as students choose to stay closer to home.

Leia a notícia completa.

Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding


Um fabuloso filme sobre educação realizado pelo Departamento de Informática (DAIMI) da Universidade de Aarhus na Dinamarca.