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Computer science trouble lies in education, not jobs


Without a push from educators, high school computer science programs remain weak. “Almost no place is looking at computer science as on par with learning physics or mathematics, which it should be,” says Roberts. Consequently, few students leave high school looking at computer science as a serious career option, he says.”

Eric Roberts in ” Computer science trouble lies in education, not jobs


Proceedings of the 6th Baltic Sea Conference on Computing Education Research


Todos os artigos estão livremente disponíveis.

Karlen Communications Accessible eLearning Resources


“This page is a compilation of resources for anyone involved at any level to create more accessible open learning, online learning, distance education, distance learning, or eLearning opportunities. Incorporating foundations of accessible and usable principles for digital environments or digitally based information helps all students and faculty learn more effectively. We can then truly choose our own learning styles and content will eventually become device and CIT [Computer Information Technology] independent.

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Alunos ingleses do Ensino Secundário querem trabalhar mais


Pupils want lessons to be harder

“Many secondary school pupils in England find their school work too easy and want harder lessons, research suggests.” in BBC News

Microsoft e Robots


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Robots, Computers And Education
Microsoft Robotics Studio

Low Interest in CS and CE Among Incoming Freshmen


Low Interest in CS and CE Among Incoming Freshmen